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Eric Roberson 6 albums

Eric Roberson - Presents The Esoteric Movement (2001) [74.97 MB]








Eric Roberson Presents-The Vault Vol. 1.5 (Special Edition).rar 68.6 MB




















Re-uploaded of all Eric Roberson's album by request of a fan, buy the original and support the artist if you dig it!

24 April 2013

20 March 2013

Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience (Deluxe Edition) [2013]

1. Pusher Love Girl  8:02
2. Suit & Tie 5:26
3. Don't Hold The Wall 7:10
4. Strawberry Bubblegum 7:59
5. Tunnel Vision 6:46
6. Spaceship Coupe 7:17
7. That Girl 4:47
8. Let The Groove Get In 7:11
9. Mirrors 8:05
10. Blue Ocean Floor 7:22
11. Dress On 4:39
12. Body Count 4:42

LINK UPDATED-click continue to download. protected links last much longer.

"Timberlake has come far repurposing Michael Jackson. But often 20/20finds him and Tim on a big fat Prince jag. There are tracks here called things such as Spaceship Coupe and Strawberry Bubblegum, whose surface silliness deepens to a feeling of respect a few plays in, when the penny drops, and everything – especially Suit & Tie, 20/20's teaser track – suddenly makes sense. With songs averaging around the seven-minute mark, this Timberlake record may not boast as many rocket-propelled singles as before. But it finds the two Tims going back to the future without so much as a sideways glance at the rave-pop fashion." - Amazing album, not as strong as the previous one which had timbo glaring away with his african world drums and filtered voice efx.

10 January 2013

The Weeknd - Trilogy [3CD] [2012]

Part 1: House of Balloons
1. High for This
2. What You Need
3. House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
4. The Morning
5. Wicked Games
6. The Party & The After Party
7. Coming Down
8. Loft Music
9. The Knowing
10. Twenty Eight
Part 2: Thursday
1. Lonely Star
2. Life of the Party
3. Thursday
4. The Zone (Feat. Drake)
5. The Birds, Pt. 1
6. The Birds, Pt. 2
7. Gone
8. Rolling Stone
9. Heaven or Las Vegas
10. Valerie
Part 3: Echoes of Silence
1. D.D.
2. Montreal
3. Outside
4. XO / The Host
5. Initiation
6. Same Old Song (Feat. Juicy J)
7. The Fall
8. Next
9. Echoes of Silence
10. Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)

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Ultimately, the Weeknd's music creates a world. In it, people acknowledge their humanity as expressed by their desires to fuck, to get high, to resent one another, to hurt, to not care about tomorrow. That's a lot for a single artist to take on. "You'll wanna be high for this," Tesfaye memorably sings within the first minute. Trilogy's triumph is in how it makes its three hours feel necessary to fully embrace it all, to acknowledge its existence inside ourselves and to vicariously live through it as art. THIS GUY IS MAD TALENTED, CHECK THIS OUT!!

Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson - Dice Game [2012]

          01  00:21 Freezing Dice
          02  03:11 Reputation
          03  03:14 Let's Play
          04  03:29 One Man  
          05  03:21 I Can Do No Wrong
          06  02:51 Potatoes Ft. Torae
          07  03:15 Change    
          08  03:18 Dear Jane
          09  03:03 Lose You    
          10  03:05 Ink Blotches
          11  03:16 Neverending Story
          12  03:46 The Cook Up
          13  03:26 Truth Be Told
          14  03:44 Nasty Ft. Planet Asia
          15  03:19 Wrong Hand
          16  03:59 How Will I Go

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Like its title and theme, Dice Game lives in the alley beside the club. It's for those in the know, and want an album that sounds great on the go. Guilty Simpson doesn't attempt any lyrical acrobatics, but rather pulls up a chair with a drink, and tells stories about his life, about his city and about the things he likes. It's simple, but it's highly effective. For the second time this year, Apollo Brown teams up with a veteran emcee associated with great production, and he thrives. Whether just for the sake of the sport or a greater musical marriage, Simpson & Brown (let's hope that's not a future title) both put some money and accolades in their pocket after this intersection gamble.

JJ Doom - Key To The Kuffs [2012]

          01  01:51 Waterlogged
          02  03:04 Gov'nor
          03  03:09 Banished  
          04  03:54 Bite The Thong Ft. Damon Albarn
          05  02:20 Rhymin Slang    
          06  02:38 Dawg Friendly  
          07  02:20 Borin Convo      
          08  00:46 Snatch That Dough          
          09  04:21 GMO Ft. Beth Gibbons (Portishead)
          10  02:34 Bout The Shoes      
          11  04:11 Winter Blues
          12  01:28 Still Kaps Ft. Khujo Goodie (Goodie Mob)  
          13  03:38 Retarded Fren
          14  03:12 Viberian Sun Part II
          15  02:41 Wash Your Hands

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In terms of the prospect of a DOOM collaboration in 2012, it's probably fair to say most asked last year would have welcomed the arrival of the delayed sequel to '04'sMadvillainy alongside Madlib. However, Dumile's offbeat mantle with Jarel manifests in a cerebral romp that brims with madcap invention. By no means without flaw—perhaps 11 or 12 tracks as opposed to 15 would have streamlined the overall package—Key to the Kuffs certainly finds one of underground music's true antiheros in irresistibly infectious form.

9th Wonder and Buckshot - The Solution [2012]

          01  03:51 The Big Bang        
          02  03:50 What I Gotta Say
          03  03:41 Stop Rapping   
          04  03:03 Crazy 
          05  03:48 The Feeling
          06  02:54 SAM
          07  03:51 Pat Em Down 
          08  02:45 Keep It Going 
          09  02:42 The Change Up 
          10  03:13 Shorty Left  Ft. Rapsody
          11  03:38 You  Ft. Dyme-A-Duzin
          12  04:32 The Solution

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Buckshot and 9th Wonder’s relationship is one of artistic respect; it continues to foster anachronistic records and old-school vibes. Although The Solution is too hung up on the past to be relevant in the present, it remains a competent throwback to hip-hop’s golden age, an era that both artists seem to be yearning for. That nostalgia pervades The Solution.

17 June 2012

CunninLynguists - Oneirology 2CD [2011]


01 Predormitum (Prologue)
02 Darkness (Dream On) Ft Anna Wise
03 Phantasmata
04 Hard As They Come (Act I) Ft Freddie Gibbs
05 Murder (Act II) Ft Big K.R.I.T.
06 My Habit (I Havent Changed)
07 Get Ignorant
08 Shattered Dreams
09 Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night)
10 So As Not To Wake You (Interlude)
11 Enemies With Benefits Ft Tonedeff
12 Looking Back Ft Anna Wise
13 Dreams Ft Tunji and BJ The Chicago Kid
14 Hypnopomp (Epilogue) Ft Bianca Spriggs
15 Embers


01 Predormitum (Prologue) (Instrumental)
02 Darkness (Dream On) (Instrumental)
03 Hard As They Come (Act I) (Instrumental)
04 Murder (Act II) (Instrumental)
05 My Habit (I Havent Changed) (Instrumental)
06 Get Ignorant (Instrumental)
07 Shattered Dreams (Instrumental)
08 Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night) (Instrumental)
09 Enemies With Benefits (Instrumental)
10 Looking Back (Instrumental)
11 Dreams (Instrumental)
12 Embers (Instrumental)

Another banger from cunninlynguists, support the artist buy their music.
For Oneirology listeners, the cinematic special effects come in the form of Kno’s skillful production. Even for fans of lyricism, Kno’s beats sometimes overshadow the rhymes and his instrumentals sometimes drown the vocals out. Still, Kno creates a perfect ambiance for an album about dreams, using a mixture of dark, melancholy tones with whimsical pieces that work together to make this album worthy of listens on the strength of the production alone. He utilizes samples well, sequencing cuts almost seamlessly. For an example of this, listen to the first two songs, where Notorious B.I.G.’s vocals mix with the next song’s sample to complete a sentence that works with the theme. “It was all…It was all…Darkness.” Whether creating the perfect soundscape to spit over or showing off on an instrumental interlude, Kno is able to bring forth intriguing beats, as usual.

For an album with so much going for it, there are still some glaring issues here. Kno’s production, as addressed, sometimes takes over and drowns even his own rhymes out. At other points, it seems the album can get repetitive, stretching the concept out further than necessary. For instance, “Enemies with Benefits” seems like a throw-in and it almost hurts the emcees to have Tonedeff stealing the show on the track with that scene jacking verse. Sure, this may be nitpicking, but that may also be a testament to how high they’ve raised the bar for themselves.

In the end, Oneirology is an album that may serve as an alarm to those still unaware of Cunnin’s talent. This project combines creative sounds with inventive rhymes and stands as an example of how a great group can come together to craft a well-made album worthy of praise. Using their attention to detail on this release, they’ve managed to build on an already impressive catalog of music and it will not disappoint too many longtime supporters of the crew.

Kendrick Lamar - Kendrick Lamar EP (Bootleg) [2011]

1. Is It Love (ft Angela McCluskey)
2. Celebration
3. P & P (ft Ab Soul)
4. She Needs Me (ft Javonte)
5. I Am (Interlude)
6. Wanna Be Heard
7. I Do This (ft Jay Rock)
8. Uncle Bobby & Jason Keaton (ft Javonte)
9. Faith (ft BJ The Chicago Kid & Punch)
10. Trip
11. Vanity Slave
12. Far From Here (ft Schoolboy Q)
13. Thanksgiving (ft Big Pooh)
14. Let Me Be Me
15. Determined (ft Ash Riser)

This is the Kendrick Lamar Experience : the beginning of the story, of the good kid, that just wants to rap.

Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting [2011]

1.Night Air
3.Lady Luck

Incredible album, crunchy drums infused with raunchy synts/samples akin to noah 40. Don't sleep on this and support the artist who provide good material.

Stood next to Blake and The xx, Mirrorwriting sounds like Katy Perrycovering Walking on Sunshine: which is to say that he’s both much more accessible and a lot less gloomy than his contemporaries, even if his music is equally enigmatic and enchanting. There is still plenty of electronic smoke-and-mirrors activity on tracks like Gravity, but despite ultra-modern tricks he’s less sonic explorer than classic songwriter. Even the more experimental tracks like Shoulda follow a melodic verse-chorus-verse format, and although the shadows lengthen from the offset with lead single Night Air, Woon’s lyrics are largely simple stories of romantic woe instead of evocations of nebulous melancholy, delivered in richly quavering tones reminiscent of Ben Westbeech.

It’s a comparison that also suggests Woon’s timing might not be so far off, after all. Now that Westbeech is departing the jazz and blues of Welcome to the Best Years of Your Life for more upbeat house territory, there’s clearly a vacant space for another underground UK soulboy. Woon might be thinking about such vicissitudes of fortune when he sings "It ain’t something that you can synthesise" on Lady Luck, but when it comes to creating a new compound from the timeless spirit of the blues, he’s done exactly that.

Eric Roberson - Mister Nice Guy [2011]

1. Mr. Nice Guy
2. Strangers
3. Summertime Anthem feat. Chubb Rock
4. Beautiful Place feat. The Ones
5. Picture Perfect feat. Phonte
6. Fall
7. Shake Her Hand
8. The Magician
9. Love's Withdrawal feat. Omari Hardwick
10. How Would I Feel feat. Jean Baylor
11. Talking Reckless
12. At the Same Time
13. Male Ego feat. Hezekiah
14. Try Love
15. All For Me

Definitely one of the best soul music albums I've listened to, top notch stuff. Support the artist, buy their music.

There is little obvious about Eric Roberson on his eighth album, which delights given the anxiety that bleeds into far too many artists’ creative processes at this stage of a 17-plus year career. Everything on Mister Nice Guy feels true and sure, giving listeners a ride so smooth and easy that it’s over before you know it. While there are no “stop the presses” showstoppers, there are also no clunkers in an album of 15 consistently morsel delicious tracks, a monumental achievement in a man whose storied career has more than an enviable share. After repeated listens, it’s not a stretch to state that overall, pound for pound, this may be Erro’s most complete work to-date. Bravo! Highly recommended.

The Streets - Computers And Blues [2011]

01. Outside Inside
02. Going Through Hell
03. met Robert Harvey
04. Roof of Your Car
05. Puzzled by People
06. Without a Blink
07. Blip on a Screen
08. Those That Don’t Know
09. Soldiers
10. We Can Never Be Friends
11. ABC
12. OMG
13. Trying to Kill M.E.
14. Trust Me
15. Lock the Locks

Support the artist, support good music.
Still, nothing on Computers and Blues rivals even the weakest moments of Skinner's first two albums, and it comes out at the same time of something much more encouraging: a mixtape called Cyberspace and Reds, which Skinner claims is all music he's made since he finished this album. Cyberspace and Reds dips deeper into British rap than Skinner has ever allowed himself to go, with old grime comrades like Wiley and Kano and Jammer stopping by to talk shit. It's fun, for a change of pace, and it offers no indication that Skinner's trying to make an important piece of work. If he can lighten up enough to make something like that, there could be hope for him yet.

Etta James - The Dreamer [2011]

01. Groove Me
02. Champagne & Wine
03. Dreamer
04. Welcome To The Jungle
05. Misty Blue
06. Boondocks
07. Cigarettes & Coffee
08. In The Evening
09. Too Tired
10. That's The Chance You Take
11. Let Me Down Easy

Support the artist, purchase their music.
There aren’t many artists who get to officially make a retirement statement. Most stars just gradually fade away, or sometimes go supernova in a suitably spectacular fashion. Perhaps David Bowie has retired. Or is he merely taking a Miles Davis-styled sabbatical? For health reasons, the veteran Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora has recently announced her final bow, and now the same situation has arrived with Etta James. This is a highly unusual circumstance in music, offering the opportunity to make a pre-meditated closing statement.

The production might be slick, but James relaxes into this framework, providing the necessary lived-in looseness. The songs get slower and slower, as James heads off into the golden distance. The closing Let Me Down Easy is a particular highlight. It's the longest song, with an extended climax that showers potent guitar-work around her lines, as the horns push steadily higher.

Slakah The Beatchild - Soul Movement Vol.1 [2009]

1. Intro 
2. Enjoy Ya Self 
3. Share (Feat. Drake & Hazel) 
4. Get Down Right (Feat. Divine Brown & D.O.)
5. What's This Feeling 
6. The Answer (Feat. Melanie Durrant)
7. Crate Love (By Your Side)(Feat. Ray Robinson & Divine Brown)
8. It's All Good (Feat. Jason Simmons)
9. A Way (Feat. Mystic & Miranda)
10. Feel The Music
11. B-Boy Beef 
12. I'll Be Alright (Feat. Ebrahim)
13. State Of The Game (Feat. Ayah)
14. Some Beats
15. Can U See It? (Feat. Tona)
16. Now A Daze (Feat. Shad)
17. Bad Meaning Good (Feat. Drake)
18. Butta Fat Vibes (Feat. D10)
19. Ain't Nothing Like HipHop

Support The artist, purchase their music to show gratitude to the art and receive more material in return.
Even if the Toronto-based producer/singer Slakah the Beatchild does little that people like Dwele and Jay Dee haven't done before, it's all in the execution. His debut album, Soul Movement, Vol. 1, is a warm, positive, forward-thinking, and often dreamy effort, prime for slinking around a tasteful loft or for chilling out without coming down. The old-school spirit is all over the album with the key track, "Enjoy Ya Self," dropping a steady stream of throwback references while "B-Boy Beef" declares "all my people lace up" before turning the story of an attention hogging breakdancer into a parable that illustrates how to win with humility. Friends like Ayah and Drake help Slakah with the vocals, and for every song that makes a pro-human, pro-unity statement, there's an acceptably empty set of lyrics designed to be elegant and tasteful background music. The hodge-podge called "Some Beats" could be source material for a number of underground hip-hop hits, but its odd placement three-quarters of the way through speaks to the album's biggest problem. Soul Movement, Vol. 1 comes off as Slakah's high grade vault simply turned over, so take the title to heart and approach as an attractive sampler of the neo-soul man's work, rather than a definitive, carefully constructed album. 

31 May 2012

Kev Brown - Random Joints [2012]

01 Listen
02 The Random Joint
03 No Time Ft. Bilal
04 The Versatility Joint Ft. DJ RBI
05 The Alternative Rock Joint
06 The Marvelous Joint Ft. Yu & DJ Marshall Law
07 The Hennessy Joint Ft. Kenn Starr Raheem Devaughn Eric Roberson Wayna
08 From My Porch Ft. Sean Born
09 Lord Help Me Ft. Eye-Q & Cy Young
10 Another Random Joint
11 Heaven Ft. Raheem Devaughn
12 Chillin’
13 The Random Joint (Instrumental)
14 No Time (Instrumental)
15 The Versatility Joint (Instrumental)
16 The Alternative Rock Joint (Instrumental)
17 The Marvelous Joint (Instrumental)
18 The Hennessy Joint (Instrumental)
19 From My Porch (Instrumental)
20 Lord Help Me (Instrumental)
21 Another Random Joint (Instrumental)
22 Heaven (Instrumental)
23 Paul’s MPC (Instrumental)
24 Beautiful Creep Music (Instrumental)
25 Stevie Thunda (Instrumental)
26 Won-Der-Ful (Instrumental)
27 Guitar Goodness (Instrumental)
28 Ron Burgundy Music (Instrumental)

Support the artist, purchase the music.
On April 10th, 2012, Kev Brown plans to release Random Joints, the first release on his new Low Budget Records label. An early/unmastered version of Random Joints first appeared back in 09, but fans around the globe have long asked for a proper vinyl/CD release and Kev is proud to answer the call with a product that will satisfy new and longtime fans alike. The album features a strong selection of tracks produced by the one and only Kev Brown, with appearances by many of Kev's longtime friends and collaborators such as Raheem Devaughn, yU, Ken Starr, Sean Born and more. Random Joints was mastered by K-Def and features artwork by the one and only Joe Buck, plus Kev decided to include some great bonus content. The deluxe vinyl version even includes a bonus 45 called "Beat Tape Joints Vol 1" and a download card that includes instrumental versions of all songs on the album.

Selah Sue - Selah Sue [2011]

1. This World
2. Peace of Mind
3. Raggamuffin
4. Crazy Vibes
5. Black Part Love
6. Mommy
7. Explanations
8. Please
9. Summertime
10. Crazy Sufferin Style
11. Fyah Fyah
12. Just Because I Do

Purchase the music, support the artist. Great soul music here, love the voice and esp track 4. Check it out.

Fresh from a support slot on Prince's European tour and an appearance on Cee Lo Green's The Lady Killer, Belgian singer/songwriter Selah Sue cemented her reputable soul credentials with her self-titled debut album. Influenced by the likes of M.I.A., Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu, its 13 tracks, produced by the likes of Patrice, Farhot, and Me'Shell Ndegéocello, include the singles "This World," "Crazy Vibes," and "Raggamuffin," alongside the aforementioned duet with the Gnarls Barkley frontman, "Please."

29 May 2012

Kev Brown - Random Joints Instrumental [2012]

01. The Random Joint (Instrumental)
02. No Time (Instrumental)
03. The Versatility Joint (Instrumental)
04. The Alternative Rock Joint (Instrumental)
05. The Marvelous Joint (Instrumental)
06. The Hennessy Joint (Instrumental)
07. From My Porch (Instrumental)
08. Lord Help Me (Instrumental)
09. Another Random Joint (Instrumental)
10. Heaven (Instrumental)

Kev Brown's Random Joints, the first release on his new Low Budget Records label, a division of Redefinition. An early/unmastered version of Random Joints first appeared back in 09, but fans around the globe have long asked for a proper vinyl/CD release and Kev is proud to answer the call with a product that will satisfy new and longtime fans alike. The album features a strong selection of tracks produced by the one and only Kev Brown, with appearances by many of Kev's longtime friends and collaborators such as Raheem Devaughn, yU, Ken Starr, Sean Born and more. Random Joints was mastered by K-Def and features artwork by the one and only Joe Buck, plus Kev decided to include some great bonus content in the form of all instrumentals and bonus beats.

Kev Brown - Beat Tape Joints Vol.1 Vinyl [2012]

01 – Paul’s Mpc
02 – Beautiful Creep Music
03 – Stevie Thunda
04 – Won-Der-Ful
05 – Guitar Goodness
06 – Ron Burgundy Music

Bonus 7" that comes with the deluxe version of Random Joints. 

Oh No - Ohnomite [2012]

01 – Ohnomite Intro
02 – Real Serious feat. Evidence & Alchemist
03 – The Guns feat. Guilty Simpson, MED & Pok Dog
04 – Time feat. Roc C & Chino XL
05 – 3 Dollars feat. MF DOOM
06 – Lets Roll feat. Damani
07 – Stop (Interlude)
08 – Hallucinations feat. Prozack Turner
09 – Sound Off feat. Termanology & Ea$y Money
10 – The Escape (Interlude)
11 – Whoop Ass feat. Sticky Fingaz (Cuts by Dj Romes)
12 – Ohnomite Jazz
13 – The Hitmen feat. Roc Marciano
14 – Touch It feat. Frank Nitt
15 – You Don’t Know Me feat. Rapper Pooh & Phil da Agony
16 – Dues n Donts feat. Jose James & Phife Dawg
17 – Piano (Interlude)
18 – Runnin The Show feat. Erick Sermon
19 – Ohnomite Outro
20 – Life Games feat. LMNO
21 – Overload feat. Wildchild

Uploaded.to Mirror

This time, Oh No (born Michael Jackson; younger brother of Madlib and son of singer Otis Jackson) was granted unprecedented access to the Rudy Ray Moore / Dolemite audio archives and given free rein to slice, dice, chop and sample his way through the classic-yet-absolutely-filthy catalog. He was able to use legendary material from The Human Tornado, Petey Wheatstraw, the Dolemite Soundtrack and more, plus a multitude of previously unreleased and alternate acapellas and instrumentals.

The end result is Ohnomite, a 19 track head-banging extravaganza of sloppy funk, dirty soul, and brainy lyricism, all aimed at one thing- making your head nod and your ass shake. Much like his 2009 all-Ethiopian endeavor Dr. No's Ethiopium, Oh No tackles this with an unmatched ferocity and proper admiration for the source material. He combines side-splitting vocal outtakes with the right amount of hard-hitting drum breaks and soul samples to concoct a mixture sure to appeal to both old and new schoolers alike. And when you add to that guests spots from the likes of MF Doom, Evidence, Phife Dawg, The Alchemist, Erick Sermon, Rapper Pooh, MED, Guilty Simpson, Roc Marciano, Sticky Fingaz, Chino XL, Roc C, Prozack Turner, Termanology, Frank Nitt and more, and you are left with a one of a kind album from a one of a kind musician. Ohnomite- 19 songs of pure whoop ass from Oh No and Dolemite!

Support the artist, purchase their music.

28 May 2012

14KT - A Friendly Game Of KT [2012]

01 – Pick Up Sticks
02 – Ain’t Really That Funny (Janet Flip)
03 – CN Colors
04 – Blindsided
05 – Blessed
06 – Lessons From IX Lives
07 – As We (Turn It Up)
08 – Rain Delay
09 – March Madness
10 – Another Age
11 – Grainy Guitar
12 – One 4 Black
13 – Where Else (One For Atcq)
14 – Width (Feat. Tony Ozier)

A Friendly Game of 14KT showcases music exploration at a candid level, and makes us privy to some endearing moments, both musically and verbally: “One 4 Black” remains an instrumental track, though the Black Milk-mimicked remix of 14KT’s “Black N Gold” (off of Nowalataz) was not meant to be so. The bass-heavy remix was to include lyrics from Black Milk, but 14KT admits in his liner notes that this, among other tracks on the project, was not completed as intended, mainly because he was busy and forgot to reach out to the emcee. The result feels comparable to a child not finishing his homework, but with a reallyinteresting story about why that is so.

In its final finished form, the album is a testament to free-spirited experimentation, and nothing is over-produced or examined too heavily. Speaking on this project as a whole 14KT said, “One day, I woke up and decided I wanted to make a project. I took a handful of arbitrary beats and put them in a folder.” From this, the listener gains the benefit of various influences and an unmethodical approach to a project that still sounds cohesive, with the assistance of good-humored samples reinforcing the interconnected game-like quality, and a childlike ingenuity.

Support the artist, pay for music.

Elusive - Hip Hop For Hipsters [2012]

0.1: Elusive – Intro-Sub Culture (3:43)
0.2: Elusive – You Are (3:49)
0.3: Elusive – Secrets Of Our Mind (2:40)
0.4: Elusive – All I Want (1:49)
0.5: Elusive – Together (2:46)
0.6: Elusive – Effortless Cool (1:28)
0.7: Elusive – Love Will Make You (3:0)
0.8: Elusive – Watching (3:20)
0.9: Elusive – Vintage Mainstream (2:21)
0.10: Elusive – Distinct Sensibility (2:31)
0.11: Elusive – Great Concentration (2:34)
0.12: Elusive – Are You Really Happy? (2:40)
0.13: Elusive – M.A.R.Y. (4:6)
0.14: Elusive – Hipster Clap (2:32)
0.15: Elusive – Only Way To Get Down (2:35)
0.16: Elusive – Good Loving (2:32)
0.17: Elusive – In Your Eyes (2:49)
0.18: Elusive – Spiritual Cleansing (2:43)
0.19: Elusive – Midnight Intellect (4:1)
0.20: Elusive – We Can (2:11)
0.21: Elusive – World On Wheels (3:23)
0.22: Elusive – Let Me Be (2:58)
0.23: Elusive – Oh Me (1:24)
0.24: Elusive – Outro-Don’t Say Good Bye (1:57)

Elusive is a Los Angeles-based producer who has been releasing records for years and has worked just about everybody in the California underground, from Gift of Gab to Planet Asia to Living Legends. I was particularly intrigued by the title of this collection, since everybody has a slightly different idea as to what a hipster is, and what they listen to. Naturally, I was curious as to how Elusive was going to address this.

This leads me to my biggest problem with the album – the title. After listening to it several times through, I still don’t think I understand why Elusive chose it, as there’s nothing particularly hipster about it. The beats are fine - lots of down tempo songs with well-placed soul samples that are quite enjoyable. It’s not necessarily a standout album, which I would attribute to a lack of melody and song development. There’s not a lot of information about Elusive or this album, so I’m not sure if this was originally designed to be an instrumental release. It plays like a collection of demo-beats that were planned to have someone rhyming over them. That said, the beats are still solid, if unremarkable.

If this album was presented as a collection of b-sides to tide over fans, there wouldn’t be any room to complain. It’s a decent assembly of down tempo instrumental hip hop that you can put on and chill out to. But given the title given to the collection, I have to say I’m disappointed. There are so many different ways that an album with this title could play out, whether it’s building songs off of hipster classics like Wire or addressing how most hipsters stop at Lil’ Wayne with their hip hop vocabulary. Unfortunately, we get none of this, and that’s why I find this album ultimately disappointing.

Support the artist, buy his music.

13 June 2011

Noel Gourdin - Fresh: The Definition [2011]

01. In Love
02. Puppet
03. Beautiful
04. Brand New (Fresh)
05. Not Around
06. Been A Long Time
07. Only You
08. Save Our Love
09. Change For You
10. Assurance Policy
11. Young Love
12. Sex In The City
13. No Regrets

Download Here

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New Noel Gourdin album, sounds good more soulful with live instruments serenaded with noel's smooth tone. This that soul R&B album this blog stands for :)

Lil Eddie - Already Yours (iTunes Version) [2011]

01.Already Yours
02.Till The End of The World
03.Guardian Angel feat.Ameriie
04.Heart of Glass
05.You Got Me (Like Ooh)
06.Dear Love
07.Bring Me Back To Life
08.Outta This World
10.In Another Life
11.Change The World
12.Keep Your Heart
13.You Know Who You Are feat. Casper
14.Crocodile Tears
16.Trouble Sleeping (Special Lil Eddie Version) (Bonus Track)

Download Here

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New stuff from Lil Eddie, but personally i prefer the older material not this stuff he's doing now without mario winans. Check it out!

21 April 2011

Jhene Aiko - Sailing Soul [2011]

1. The Beginning
2. Stranger
3. Hoe Feat. Miguel
4. July Feat. Drake
5. My Mine
6. Popular
7. Real Now Feat. Lite, HOPE & Roosevelt
8. Sailing NOT Selling Feat. Kanye
9. Do Better Blues With HOPE
10. Higher
11. You vs Them
12. Space Jam
13. Growing Apart Too Feat. Kendrick Lamar & HOPE

Download Here

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Former T.U.G singer Jhene Aiko releases her mixtape entitled 'Sailing Soul(s).' All songs on the set were written by Aiko, except "July," written by Micah Powell. All songs produced by Fisticuffs, except "July" & "You vs Them" (produced by Bei Maejor), "Real Now" (produced by Roosevelt), "Do Better" (produced by J. Lbs), & "Growing Apart" (produced by Tae Beats).

New bread of R&B singers that emulate the whole chemistry drake and 40 have.


2011 Started of hard but things have trickled down now for me. Catch up for more updates along with upcoming artist spots

29 November 2010

DJ Premier And DJ Pete Rock - A Legendary DJ Battle Round 1 (2CD) [2010]

CD1 (Intro/jb Set/motown Set/80's Set)
01. A Legendary DJ Battle Round 1

CD2 (90's Set/dj Premier - Pete Rock Works)
01. A Legendary DJ Battle Round 1

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DOPE.DOPE.DOPE. Pick a mirror and get it, support it by purchasing it here too if you got extra bailout money


Boa - Boa Deluxe (1st US Album Repackage) [2009]

01. Energetic (Radio Edit)
02. Control
03. Crazy About
04. I Did it for Love (Feat. Sean Garrett)
05. Did Ya
06. Look Who's Talking
07. Eat You Up
08. Obsessed
09. Touched
10. Scream
11. Girls on Top
12. Dress Off
13. Hypnotic Dancefloor
14. Energetic

Download Here (Rapidshare)

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With the release of BoA in March of 2009, Boa Kwon hit the shores of the United States. Using her stage name, BoA (Beat of Angel) uncorked her brand of standard pop and dance music for American audiences.

While the 22-year-old may have been popular for achieving popularity at such an early age, there’s little to BoA that hasn’t been seen or heard before in the pop world. Her sound is well-produced and cleanly manufactured, as though the songs were pieced together in a lab somewhere before being committed to CD.
The release of a “deluxe” version of BoA provides more opportunities to explore Boa Kwon’s American debut with the “soft comfort” of a couple of bonus tracks and the radio edit of the decidedly languid “Energetic.”
With production from Sean Garrett, Brian Kennedy and Bloodshy & Avant, BoA doesn’t stand out from the crowd in any way, shape or form. It’s dreary vocoder stuff written by a team of writers and performed by an inexpressive, plain vocalist. Nothing particularly stands out, apart from studio sheen, and BoA certainly doesn’t prove herself to be a performer to take note of with this U.S. debut.
The effects-filled “I Did It For Love” features the aforementioned Sean Garrett and pulses with an irritating stab at a club vibe and one of the most egregious uses of Auto-Tune I’ve heard on a pop record. It simply zaps any and all importance from the track, leaving a shell of a song that could have been performed by any subpar pop singer.


Cassidy - C.A.S.H [2010]

01. Face 2 Face (Produced By Bink)
02. Paper Up (Produced By Cassidy And Neyo Da Matrix)
03. Monsta Muzik (Produced By Bink)
04. One Shot (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch)
05. All Day All Night (Produced By Cassidy And Neyo Da Matrix)
06. Girl Like Her Ft. Mya (Produced By Cassidy)
07. Drumma Bass (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch)
08. Hate Me Or Love Me (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch)
09. High Off Life Ft. Junior Reid And Notch (Produced By Cassidy And Vinylz)
10. Awww Shit Ft. Red Cafe (Produced By Stoopid On Da Beat)
11. Imma G Boy Ft. Ar-Ab (Produced By Cassidy And Rulet Records)
12. She Addicted Ft. Nalia Boss (Produced By Cassidy)
13. Peace (Produced By Boi-1Da)
14. Music In My Blood (Produced By Cassidy)

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C.A.S.H. (Cass Always Stays Hard) is the prototypical example of a “mixtape rapper” casting a wider net and meeting with mixed results. While not untalented, Cassidy’s skill is suited for what amounts to a niche market in this day and age. His flow is calculated and everything feels carefully constructed, sometimes overly so. Little spontaneity or irreverence is allowed to creep in. That has a detrimental affect on the entire set, as so many songs are geared toward the dance floor.

C.A.S.H ultimately proves inconsequential. Nothing here inspires anything in the way of a passionate response. Cassidy has not lost a step as a lyricist, but he seems to be lacking in the way of inspiration. His lethargy brings the party down considerably, sucking the life from what might have been an otherwise enjoyable album.


Big Remo and 9th Wonder - Entrapment [2010]

01 What It Takes
02 Don't Matter (Over There)
03 The Game (Tre 4)
04 Go Ft. 9thmatic
05 Wonderbread Ft. David Banner
06 Mo Heat (Quiet Nights)
07 Girls Most Wanted Ft. Colin Munroe
08 Serenity
09 Go Ladies Ft. Robert Alred Of The Dynamic Five
10 Woop Woop (Stand Back) Ft. Ricky Ruckus & 9thmatic
11 Entrapment
12 What Is Your Name Ft. Mela Machinko
13 It's Like That
14 Grown Man Biz
15 Without You
16 Nothing's Gonna Stop Ft. Tyler Woods

Download Here (Rapidshare)

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There are few producers in modern Hip Hop who can transcend the underground and mainstream like 9th Wonder. Since exploding onto
the scene as a member of Little Brother, the North Carolina-native has
lent his soulful instrumentals to artists ranging from notable newcomers
(Skyzoo, Kaze) to established major stars (Jay-Z, Destiny s Child, Mary
J. Blige). After building his impressive resume, anticipation is running
deservedly high for the premier release from his It s A Wonderful World
Music Group by rapper Big Remo.
Hailing from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Big Remo represents the
new school of rugged and raw Southern Hip Hop. Having already
received plaudits from platinum-selling rapper David Banner, who
featured Remo on his 9th Wonder-produced single Strange, Remo is
ready to make a memorable debut with his first album Entrapment.
Produced mostly by 9th Wonder, Entrapment also features production
from Young Guru, Khrysis and M. Phases. Fans of 9th will recognize the
creative touch and high quality of one of Hip Hop s best producers as he
teams with a promising young talent to create an album that's sure to
stay in rotation for 2010 and beyond.


Aaliyah - Lintegrale (3CD) [2010]

CD 1
01 Don't Know What To Tell Ya
02 We Need A Resolution feat. Timbaland
03 More Than A Woman
04 Try Again
05 Come Back In One Pieces feat. Dmx (Dirty Version)
06 If Your Girl Only Knew
07 Back & Forth
08 Throw Your Hands Up
09 No One Knows How To Love Me Quite Like You Do
10 A Girl Like You
11 Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
12 At Your Best
13 Miss You
14 One In A Million
15 4 Page Letter
16 Not Like Fire
17 Rock The Boat

CD 2
01 Are You Feelin' Me
02 You Won't See Me Tonight feat. Nas
03 Hot Like Fire feat. Timbaland (Remix)
04 If Your Girl Only Knew feat. Krayzie Bone (Remix)
05 John Blaze feat. Timbaland & Missy Elliot
06 I Don't Wanna
07 Are You Ready
08 If Your Girl Only Knew (Remix)
09 Best Friends
10 Final Warning feat. Genuwine
11 One In A Million feat. Ginuwine (Remix)
12 Come Over feat. Tank
13 Journey To The Past
14 Live and Died For Hip Hop feat. Kryss Kross
15 I Need Tonight feat. Junior Mafia & Lil'kim
16 Summer Bunnies feat. R Kelly (Remix)
17 Man Undercover feat. Timbaland & Magoo
18 Man Undercover feat. Timbaland & Magoo
19 Messed Up

CD 3
01 Intro
02 The Thing I Like
03 No One Knows How To Love
04 Try Again Be Alright
05 Everything's Gonna
06 If Your Girl Only Knew
07 More Than A Woman
08 Come Back In One Piece feat. DMX
09 Are You Feeling Me
10 I Need You Tonight
11 I Gotcha Back
12 Back & Forth
13 Summer Bunnies
14 Are You Ready
15 Are You That Somebody
16 I Don't Wanna
17 Choosey Lover
18 We Need Resolution feat. Timbaland
19 Final Warning feat. Ginuwine
20 You Won't See Me Tonight feat. Nas
21 Rock The Boat
22 Go To Give It Up

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Download Here Part 2 (Rapidshare)

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The almighty collection of aaliyah songs, i'd still recommend getting this and also the albums these songs are from. Current fav joint from this is "A girl like you". Grab em off any mirror you want, im mirror nice :)

26 November 2010

Eric Roberson - Left [2007]

1. Music
2. Evening
3. Been In Love (FT Phonte From Little Brother)
4. Pen Just Cries Away
5. Iluvu2much (FT Algebra Blessett)
6. Only For You
7. Pretty Girl
8. Too Soon
9. If I Had A Chance
10. Open Your Eyes
11. Right Or Wrong
12. Baby Song
13. Couldn’t Hear Her (FT Curt Chambers)
14. Man Who Had It All (The Smoke Signals)


Download Here

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20 November 2010

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 4 (A Turn 4 The Worst) [2010]

01 Pray For Them
02 Come Along
03 Remember The Titans (featuring Fabolous, Lloyd Banks & Royce Da 5'9")
04 Short Summer (featuring Emanny)
05 Role Reversal
06 Mop Salad (Skit)
07 Black Cloud
08 Follow My Lead (featuring Joell Ortiz)
09 Weekend Warrior (Skit)
10 Sober Up (featuring Crooked I)
11 Hello Expectations
12 Something To Ride To
13 Stuck In The Moment

Download Here

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I think Joe Budden has dropped a potential top ten album of the year here. I am not sure because I would have to look back at what has been released, but this is a very cohesive album with solid production and amazing rapping. Another great thing about this release is that the sound quality is good to great. if you have been a fan of Joe Budden for awhile you may have been used to sloppily mixed and mastered releases, not this time!

I suggest everyone at least gives this a spin or two, it is really refreshing to hear a rapper be so forthright and personal. Joey is one of the best at projecting that emotion through his voice, and that is what makes Mood Muzik 4 a definite must listen.

Got it from another site, best way to describe this album ^^


14 November 2010

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 3 [EAC] [2008]

01. Dear Diary
02. Hiatus
03. Family Reunion (Feat. Fabolous, Ransom & Hitchcock) 04. Get No Younger (Feat. Ezo)
05. Un4given
06. All Of Me (Feat. Emanny)
07. Long Way To Go (Feat. Mr. Probz)
08. Thou Shall Not Fall
09. Ventilation
10. Warfare (Feat. Joell Ortiz)
11. Roll Call
12. Secrets (Feat. Emanny)
13. Send Him Our Love
14. Star Inside Of Me (Feat. Suzzy Q)
15. Still My Hood
16. 4 Walls

Download Here

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No reviews needed just production credits will do, its a EAC rip done by a hardworking unknown, includes scans too. Joeys a beast nuff said, will up the 4th one too

Tracks 1 & 11 Produced by WMS Sultan
Track 2 Produced by Mellow Madness
Track 3 Produced by Shatek
Tracks 4,6,8,9,10,12,13 & 16 Produced by The Klasix
Track 5 Produced by Ryan Lugo
Track 7 Produced by Soul Searchin'
Track 14 Produced Dub B'
Track 15 Produced by Wyks


Francesca (Technicali Sound) - Here and Now [2008]

01 Here & Now
02 Test 1..2, 1..2
03 In The Meantime
04 Ain't It Better
05 Are You Free (Ft. Cuts By LD)
06 Be On Your Way (Ain't Gon Change)
07 I'ma Be Alright
08 The Sky Is Falling (Gravity)
09 Just The Light (Ft. LMNO)
10 Patience Pt. 1
11 Remember The Day
12 Traveler
13 Dream Chaser (Ft. TheLostArt)
14 Ride (Ft. Ariano & LMNO)

Download Here

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You just don't hear vocalists like her much today. Smooth? Check. Power, raw emotion? Check, and check.

While few singers are truly talented enough to write their own songs these days, Francesca's talent as a writer has enabled her to produce work that is honest and heartfelt. Her songs are stories -- she, a storyteller.

This is what happens when humble Midwest roots (Minneapolis raised) meet fresh West Coast flavor (Los Angeles aged). Her life experience epitomizes that balance and her music is the definition of holistic. Her style is pure soul, right there alongside some of the most skilled and memorable vocalists in history. Her sound is absolutely timeless. And you will not forget her.

Francesca's stage presence is captivating. Her modest presence, quirky. And she touches the hearts of her fans one by one. She will give you goose bumps. You will smile. Your soul pleased, you will want more.

Her debut album, Here & Now, is her unique blend of soulful vocals with tantric Hip-Hop production. It's Francesca's answer to radio starved of substance, and to music aficionados' cravings for true soul that speaks from the heart. She makes you want to love somebody, even if that somebody is simply you.

She's teamed with West Cost producer LD (Technicali Sound) -- who's done production for some of Orange County's and Los Angeles' most acclaimed artists -- and together they've created a classic collaboration. With features from LMNO of The Visionaries and The Lost Art, Francesca's debut album Here & Now appeals to die hard R&B and Hip-Hop lovers, while merging and transcending genres and pushing boundaries.

Francesca has also been featured on: Thin Line (LD & Ariano); Work Ethic (LMNO); Selective Hearing (LMNO & Kev Brown); Endure (Brawdcast); and Broken Silence (RBX).

Imagine a R&B/Soul album but beat by LD, LMNO and others with soulful vocals. Even after googling the artist and album i could only find 1 result, damn!. This deserves better views and im just spreading good music as i see fit, Get this if not you'll be missing out on 14 awesome tracks.
You may purchase the album using the below link,


K-Nova - Unstoppable [2008]

01. Sorry
02. Unstoppable
03. Can I Ball ft. Yung Joc
04. Freak ft. Big Amp
05. It's Over ft. Alias
06. Just Wanna Chill
07. Myspace Girl ft. J. Hot
08. When We Make Love ft. Crissy
09. Foolin Around
10. Like U Around
11. Getting Hot
12. Beautiful
13. If I Gotta Live

Download Here

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K-Nova, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. fell in love with
music at a very young age. Being raised in a single parent
house hold and the oldest brother of three was not easy how-
ever, he persevered and continued to stay focused, thanks
to his first love "MUSIC". Being out frontto this young star
is nothing new. After singing in many programs, he joined a
singing group then known as "Guess Who" and was featured on
Atlanta native Raheem the Dream hit single "The Most Beau-
tiful Girl" his taste of stardom was short and sweet however,
an experience he will always remember. K-Nova's love for music
speaks for itself and he has a track record to prove it.
With his recent placement on Yung JOC's "Hustlenomics" album
"Living The Life" has taken him to another level of his game
and in the music world. He has worked with and written for
artist and producers such as Yung Joc, Eric Cire (Grammy
Nominee), Kochease (producer " I Know You See It"), Walter
"Mucho" Scott, J-Hot and Teddy Riley just to name a few. The
list goÆs on as he continues to feature and write for industry
artist in the Music Business. With his current single "Just
Wanna Chill" and new album titled "UNSTOPPABLE", he is hot on
the streets. A great performer, he delivers a show thatÆs
unstoppable and keeps the crowed asking for more. The game
deserves a change and that change is now but don't blink, you
just might miss something!!!

there like 3-4 tracks worth listening here, random upload dont blame me :)


06 November 2010

Kno (of CunninLynguists) - Death Is Silent [2010]

01. Death Is Silent
02. If You Cry Ft. Natti
03. Loneliness Ft. Nemo Achida & Deacon The Villain
04. La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)
05. Rhythm Of The Rain Ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Tunji
06. Spread Your Wings Ft. Deacon The Villain
07. Smile (They Brought Your Coffin In)
08. Graveyard Ft. Sheisty Khrist
09. I Wish I Was Dead Ft. Tonedeff
10. They Told Me Ft. Deacon The Villain
11. When I Was Young Ft. Natti & Substantial
12. Not At The End Ft. Tunji
13. The New Day (Death Has No Meaning)

Download Here

Mediafire Mirror

This is not the uC rip, its the official bandcamp release straight from Kno himself. Dont sleep on Kno, get the other cunninLynguists album if your into this.

After amassing only 4 verses over the CunninLynguists’ last four releases, the Atlanta-based artist is set to step out from behind the boards on Death Is Silent, both producing the entirety of the record and handling the majority of the vocals. The record’s concept involves the inevitability of death and its impact on love, life, family and friends. The artwork was realized by Argentinian visual artist Diego Fernandez.

Kno will still see plenty of activity on the production side of things, as the next 6 months will see the release of Oneirology, CunninLynguists’ newest studio album in 3 years, Chico and The Man, the long-awaited concept album with fellow QN5 Music artist and longtime friend Tonedeff as well as MacheteVision, a joint project with emcee Marq Spekt.

While all of these releases will be produced entirely by Kno, his production will also be featured on upcoming projects by Freddie Gibbs, 9th Wonder signee Tom Hardy as well as the album Niggaz With Latitude, a group project from CL’s own Deacon The Villain and Sheisty Khrist.

you can buy it here