28 May 2012

14KT - A Friendly Game Of KT [2012]

01 – Pick Up Sticks
02 – Ain’t Really That Funny (Janet Flip)
03 – CN Colors
04 – Blindsided
05 – Blessed
06 – Lessons From IX Lives
07 – As We (Turn It Up)
08 – Rain Delay
09 – March Madness
10 – Another Age
11 – Grainy Guitar
12 – One 4 Black
13 – Where Else (One For Atcq)
14 – Width (Feat. Tony Ozier)

A Friendly Game of 14KT showcases music exploration at a candid level, and makes us privy to some endearing moments, both musically and verbally: “One 4 Black” remains an instrumental track, though the Black Milk-mimicked remix of 14KT’s “Black N Gold” (off of Nowalataz) was not meant to be so. The bass-heavy remix was to include lyrics from Black Milk, but 14KT admits in his liner notes that this, among other tracks on the project, was not completed as intended, mainly because he was busy and forgot to reach out to the emcee. The result feels comparable to a child not finishing his homework, but with a reallyinteresting story about why that is so.

In its final finished form, the album is a testament to free-spirited experimentation, and nothing is over-produced or examined too heavily. Speaking on this project as a whole 14KT said, “One day, I woke up and decided I wanted to make a project. I took a handful of arbitrary beats and put them in a folder.” From this, the listener gains the benefit of various influences and an unmethodical approach to a project that still sounds cohesive, with the assistance of good-humored samples reinforcing the interconnected game-like quality, and a childlike ingenuity.

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