17 June 2012

Eric Roberson - Mister Nice Guy [2011]

1. Mr. Nice Guy
2. Strangers
3. Summertime Anthem feat. Chubb Rock
4. Beautiful Place feat. The Ones
5. Picture Perfect feat. Phonte
6. Fall
7. Shake Her Hand
8. The Magician
9. Love's Withdrawal feat. Omari Hardwick
10. How Would I Feel feat. Jean Baylor
11. Talking Reckless
12. At the Same Time
13. Male Ego feat. Hezekiah
14. Try Love
15. All For Me

Definitely one of the best soul music albums I've listened to, top notch stuff. Support the artist, buy their music.

There is little obvious about Eric Roberson on his eighth album, which delights given the anxiety that bleeds into far too many artists’ creative processes at this stage of a 17-plus year career. Everything on Mister Nice Guy feels true and sure, giving listeners a ride so smooth and easy that it’s over before you know it. While there are no “stop the presses” showstoppers, there are also no clunkers in an album of 15 consistently morsel delicious tracks, a monumental achievement in a man whose storied career has more than an enviable share. After repeated listens, it’s not a stretch to state that overall, pound for pound, this may be Erro’s most complete work to-date. Bravo! Highly recommended.