17 June 2012

The Streets - Computers And Blues [2011]

01. Outside Inside
02. Going Through Hell
03. met Robert Harvey
04. Roof of Your Car
05. Puzzled by People
06. Without a Blink
07. Blip on a Screen
08. Those That Don’t Know
09. Soldiers
10. We Can Never Be Friends
11. ABC
12. OMG
13. Trying to Kill M.E.
14. Trust Me
15. Lock the Locks

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Still, nothing on Computers and Blues rivals even the weakest moments of Skinner's first two albums, and it comes out at the same time of something much more encouraging: a mixtape called Cyberspace and Reds, which Skinner claims is all music he's made since he finished this album. Cyberspace and Reds dips deeper into British rap than Skinner has ever allowed himself to go, with old grime comrades like Wiley and Kano and Jammer stopping by to talk shit. It's fun, for a change of pace, and it offers no indication that Skinner's trying to make an important piece of work. If he can lighten up enough to make something like that, there could be hope for him yet.