17 June 2012

Etta James - The Dreamer [2011]

01. Groove Me
02. Champagne & Wine
03. Dreamer
04. Welcome To The Jungle
05. Misty Blue
06. Boondocks
07. Cigarettes & Coffee
08. In The Evening
09. Too Tired
10. That's The Chance You Take
11. Let Me Down Easy

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There aren’t many artists who get to officially make a retirement statement. Most stars just gradually fade away, or sometimes go supernova in a suitably spectacular fashion. Perhaps David Bowie has retired. Or is he merely taking a Miles Davis-styled sabbatical? For health reasons, the veteran Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora has recently announced her final bow, and now the same situation has arrived with Etta James. This is a highly unusual circumstance in music, offering the opportunity to make a pre-meditated closing statement.

The production might be slick, but James relaxes into this framework, providing the necessary lived-in looseness. The songs get slower and slower, as James heads off into the golden distance. The closing Let Me Down Easy is a particular highlight. It's the longest song, with an extended climax that showers potent guitar-work around her lines, as the horns push steadily higher.