12 February 2010

Cam City - Sex And The City [2009]

1. Sex And The City (Intro)
2. Murder In Bulk
3. Age Aint Nuthin But A Number (Feat. Jay Anthony)
4. Turn Into Sunshine (Feat. Killa Squad)
5. Tank Top (Feat. Rossi)
6. So Throwed (Feat. Chara)
7. In Her Uggs
8. Shorty
9. Nasty Shit
10. Sex Addiction (Feat. Lil B, Rossi)
11. Party
12. Love I'll Never Know
13. Guns In The Backpack (Feat. The Retro Hoodlums)
14. All I Need (Feat. Rossi)
15. Realize
16. Fallen Soldier
17. Blinded (Feat. Killa Squad, Rossi, Chara)
18. Love Martians
19. Need Money (Feat. Rossi)
20. Da Old Nigga (Bonus Hood Track)
21. Wus Up (Outro)

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this is one of those guilty pleasure albums, i would recommend track 10 & 11 here, kept listening to them over & over again for some time. Try it out, grab it and dont get too hooked on it =]

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